Seamlessly connect with your customers anywhere, any time, any channel

EvokTechnix offers omnichannel BPO services for seamless customer experience. Wherever your customers are, we’re there too – providing consistent, quality support across all channels.

Make your customers happy and your company memorable!

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Our Core Services

Customer Service

Be reachable to your customers through their preferred channel. Use our BPO services and enhance customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and lead to bespoke customer experience for your customers.

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Technical Support

With our team of highly skilled technical support specialists, we offer expertise in troubleshooting resolving complex technical issues promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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Back-Office Support

Businesses often find it challenging to execute back office processes. Outsourcing these processes to EvokTechnix will optimize your back-end operations and improve your bottom line.

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Our Capabilities

True Omnichannel Customer Engagement Model


The human touch – Connect with a friendly voice to resolve complex issues and provide empathetic support


Engage your customers on the go. Concise and convenient support delivered directly to their phone

Live Chat

Instant assistance at our fingertips. Chat with a real agent in real time for quick problem-solving


Provide a seamless service through WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line and more


Reach your customers directly in their inbox with personalized messages and support

Video Chat

Video chat for personalized customer support

Social Media

Engage where your customers hangout – respond swiftly on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Engage your customers across preferred channels like phone, sms, email, live chat and social media with unified customer experience management. We provide innovative tools and expertise to craft seamless and personalized customer journeys through our outsourcing services. With our true omnichannel, you can reduce pain points in the customer service, enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer engagement and deliver remarkable customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Powerful CRM Integrations

Integrate our contact center software with any third-party CRM or with your existing CRM. This means easily access data in our contact center to provide comprehensive, personalized customer experience to your existing customers.


Quality Management


Integrated QM tracks 100% interactions on any channel. Our quality management improves KPIs, improves customer satisfaction metrics, improves customer retention, and helps easy performance management optimization. 

High Reliability

Being based on the cloud means high reliability and uptime. Experience no downtime no matter what. Deliver great customer experiences 24/7 with greater reliability.


Analytics & Insights


Utilize KPIs and analytics within our contact center software to gain 360 degree insight into your contact center’s operations and customer behaviour for better contact center quality assurance and take data-driven decisions for business growth.

Human Touch

While technology is at the heart of our operations, we recognize the importance of human touch in every interaction. Our agents combine technological expertise with empathy and compassion, ensuring each customer interaction is meaningful and memorable.


How it works


We learn your business and understand your outsourcing requirements to build your team


Screen, Identity,
assess and recruit
skilled team members as per your specific requirements.


Training and upskilling to enhance your remote team’s knowledge and competencies


Full production of
your dedicated team under management and support of EvokTechnix

Continuous Improvement

We continuously refine our processes, train employees, implement feedback to enhance service quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Explore your outsourcing options with our team. 

Scale faster and grow your business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Omnichannel CX refers to providing seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels like phone, sms, chat, social media and more.

Outsourcing omnichannel CX to EvokTechnix can help your business to provide 24/7 support, access to skilled agents, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring consistent experience across all touchpoints throughout the customer journey

EvokTechnix offers a range of services include customer support, technical support, back-office processing, social media management, all integrated into an unified customer experience.